Legacy Preparatory Academy
Home of the Pumas

  • Agenda items may be discussed quickly because we have previously considered the
  • You may speak about agenda items at the time they are discussed; Speakers will be
    granted three (3) minutes to address a single agenda item and a total or five (5) minutes to
    address two or more agenda items.
  • If you wish to speak about student withdrawal or suspension, please note that you will be
    heard after the regular board meeting, not during Audience Participation.
  • If you wish to speak about an item that is not on the agenda, you may do so at the end of
    the meeting during Audience Participation.
  • If you wish to speak, please fill out a "Request to Speak" form.  Please print legibly and I will
    do my best to pronounce your name correctly.

Audience Participation
  • Public comment will occur at the conclusion of the meeting.

  • You will have 3 minutes to speak, and you cannot pass your time to another speaker.  

  • If there are 3 or more speakers to an issue, you will have 2 minutes each, but that time limit
    may be waived at the Board's discretion.

  • You will be notified when you have 30 seconds left and when your time is up.

  • Although we respect your right to speak, we require professional behavior during the
    meeting.  We cannot allow disorderly behavior, personal attacks or disruptive conduct even
    if there is disagreement with board decisions. If you behave in a manner that is
    inappropriate, we reserve the right to preempt your opportunity to speak.

  • As your name is announced, please address the Board with your concerns or questions.

  • The Board not responding to your remarks does not suggest that we agree or disagree
    with your comments.  We value your input, and we will act upon it as we think appropriate.