Dr. Y. Capers - Principal

Mr. R. McNeal - Asst. Principal Curriculum/Student Affairs

Dr. M. Wynn - Asst. Principal Operations

Mr. G. Dickens - Business/Facilities Manager

Dr. P. Davis - Guidance

Ms. J. Parker-Brown - ESE/ESOL Specialist

K - 5

Ms. B. Morton - Kindergarten

Ms. S. Daymond - 1st Grade

Ms. T. Dorsett - 1st Grade

Ms. M. Kelly- 2nd Grade

Ms. J. Mines - 2nd Grade

Mr. C. Freeney - 3rd Grade

Ms. C. Llinas - 4th Grade

Ms. L. Moret - 5th Grade

Mr. J. Romero - Physical Education

Ms. P. Scott - Music

Middle School

Ms. S. George - ELA

Ms. L. Mitchell - Personal Development

Mr. E. Rivera - Physical Education

Mr. Hayes - Mathematics

Ms. S. Uddin - Science

Ms. D. Watson - Social Studies

Mr. R. Williams - Technology


Ms. P. Brown - Student Nutrition

Mrs. A. Hamilton - Data Processor

Ms. C. Johnson - Transportation
Legacy Preparatory Academy
Home of the Pumas
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